Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blogging: The weekend

So I've decided (for anyone that actually follows this blog) that I'm going to be just blogging about not only what I'm working on, but life in general.  Whether it's what I did this weekend, or shoots/designs I'm working on, that's what you'll find here.

As odd as it sounds, I want to be able to look back in a year at all these posts and realize how far I've come.  Looking forward to sharing this journey with you, and hopefully something I say or share will sink in and make an impact on your life.

I started a local cars and coffee event here in Siloam Springs, and this Saturday was the first meet, and I'd say it turned out pretty well!  You'll see images every weekend of this event from now on.  It sure is nice to be able to build a community... here's a few of my favorite images from it.


Ran into this guy and his bike when I was washing my car for Cars and Coffee on Friday night, just had to get a shot of it.

And this is what was going on in my house the whole weekend -- Borderlands 2.  I don't play videogames often, but I thought I might as well take pictures of my friends when they're around.

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